Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Enter Gibson’s unique world – lyric and mechanical, erotic and violent, sobering and exciting – where multinational corporations and high tech outlaws vie for power, traveling into the computer-generated universe known as cyberspace. 

Into this world comes Mona, a young girl with a murky past and an uncertain future whose life is on a collision course with internationally famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell. Since childhood, Angie has been able to tap into cyberspace without a computer. Now, from inside cyberspace, a kidnapping plot is masterminded by a phantom entity who has plans for Mona, Angie, and all humanity, plans that cannot be controlled… or even known. And behind the intrigue lurks the shadowy Yakuza, the powerful Japanese underworld, whose leaders ruthlessly manipulate people and events to suit their own purposes… or so they think.

“The new novel has plenty of flash…Quick, high-intensity glimpses that linger on the retina of the imagination.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Brilliant, gritty, densely textured.”—Kirkus

“Gibson’s initial grab is his diamond-hard prose, stylish settings, and cinematic sweep… But what sets him apart is his humanity: He creates characters who hurt, love, hate, and mourn like real people.”—The Seattle Times