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William Gibson’s first graphic novel!

The political leaders of 2016 have destroyed the world. Now they want a bright new reality to corrupt.

To do it, they’ll abuse the power of humanity’s last hope: the Splitter, a colossal machine that will allow them to travel back into the past to entrench their hold on the future. With his characteristic grim sarcasm and militaristic pragmatism, Gibson leads us from the toxic environs of the present to war-torn 1945 Berlin, where RAF officer Naomi Givens will persevere against inconceivable, ruthless future forces, with the fates of epochs at stake.

“William Gibson Has a Theory About Our Cultural Obsession With Dystopias”
Interview with Vulture

“This is Gibson’s first direct foray into the comic book world and he has translated his undoubted skill as a storyteller from that of his novels to this new format/style seamlessly, creating what I now regard (after reading the story for a third time) as a MUST read for any science fiction fan.” –John Patterson, Big Comic Page

“If you’re a fan of alternate history stories like The Man in the High Castle, you should definitely keep Archangel on your radar.” –David Pepose, Newsarama

“This is a moment in comic book history–a major event. One of the most important science fiction writers of the modern era enters the comic book field with a strong and fascinating story.” ComicWow!

“This is a comic that fires on all cylinders…It’s spectacular.” —Cory Doctorow,, reviewing issue #1